15th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
13-16 September 2022
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


 Tuesday 13 SEPTEMBER 2022 

Opening Ceremony

A separate programme will be published for the opening ceremony.

Session #1: Introductory Session (11h - 12:30)

The first session is dedicated to the presentation of the Key African and European policies and strategies related to Space, Meteorology and cooperation between the AU and the EU. This session will also inform the audience about the status of the various EUMETSAT programmes and activities: MSG, EPS, Jason, MTG, EPS-SG, SAFs.

Session #2: Meteosat Third Generation and AMSAF (14h - 18h)

The second session will focus on the implementation of the Abidjan Declaration: the transition in Africa towards the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellites and the African Meteorological Satellite Application Facility. This session will inform the audience about the new capabilities, the upgrade of the PUMA stations and related training activities. Then, the concept of the African Meteorological Satellite Application Facility will be presented and discussed with the participants.



Session #3: Disaster Risk Reduction (9h - 12h30)

The third session will focus on Disaster Risk Reduction. It will focus more specifically on Nowcasting and Numerical Weather Prediction for Early Warning System and Disaster Situation Room. Discussion will include activities at regional or national level, and ways to ease cooperation between the NMHS and the disaster management authorities. 

Session #4: Blue economy (14h - 18h)

The fourth session will focus on Blue Economy. It will address satellite applications for Marine and Great Lake, focusing on the access and use of the Copernicus Sentinel-3, the OSI-SAF and the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service. 



Session #5: Climate Monitoring Climate Services (9h - 12h30)

The fifth session concentrates on Climate Change. It focuses on the implementation of Climate Services in Africa and on how earth observation is used to support Climate Monitoring and Services. In particular, this session highlights the use of Earth observation to support the development and operations of tools and services providing climate information. This session also comprises break-out sessions per Region on the status of implementation of the EU-funded Intra-ACP ClimSA programme.

Technical Visit (14h - 18h)

 Separate agenda: to be proposed by Local Organizing Committee



Session #6: Training and data access (09h - 12h30)

The sixth session is dedicated to data access and training. It will consist of presentations and discussions about the various means to get EUMETSAT data access (e.g online data store, EUMETCast Africa and Terrestrial, AfricaConnect). This Session will also discuss with the participants about the various training programme implemented in close cooperation with the African VLab Center of Excellence.

Session #7: 15-EUFA Recommendations review & adoption (14h - 16h)

Closing ceremony


You can download the programme overview HERE.