15th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
13-16 September 2022
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Technical Sessions

The Technical Sessions of the 15th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa will take place on-line on 8-9 June 2022.

Participation is upon invitation only.

The Technical Sessions will focus on data access (inc. the new PUMA and Climate stations) and training. 

Based on the success of the 14-EUFA Interactive sessions (September 2021), the 15-EUFA interactive sessions will mostly have the same concept. Therefore, the Technical sessions will last two days and will consist of one Introductory session, and 3 Technical Sessions on:

#1 Data access and training,

#2 Meteosat Third Generation in Africa with a focus on the new PUMA-202X-MTG stations

#3 Climate monitoring and services (including ClimSA programme activities) with a focus on the new Climate Stations

These sessions will allow experts from African NMHS and Regional Centers to exchange on these topics. All sessions will follow a similar scheme (but might differ slightly from each other) 

Programme overview (all time in UTC)

1st day (8 June 2022) 2nd day (9 June 2022)

08:00 - 10:00 (UTC)

#0 Introductory session (60’)

#1 EUMETSAT data access and training (60’)

Chair: RAIDEG Chair

#2 Meteosat Third Generation

Chair: AUC (DARBE)

12:00 - 14:00 (UTC)

#1 EUMETSAT data access and training (Cont’d)

Chair: RAIDEG Chair

#3 Climate monitoring / Climate services

Chair: OACPS

#4 Concluding remarks (15’)

Introduction Session (Plenary)       8 June 2022 - UTC: 08:00 – 09:00

The introductory sessions will set the scene for the following 3 technical presentations, by providing introductory remarks and background information. It will also ensure that all participants have technical accesses to all sessions via the Zoom environment.


  • Opening remarks (10’) by EUMETSAT, WMO and the African Union Commission
  • Introduction to the Technical sessions and splinter groups (10’) – EUMETSAT (Vincent Gabaglio)
  • PRAIDEG activities (10’) - Sarah Kimani IMTR/RAIDEG Chair
  • Review of the recommendation from the last Forum (10’) – EUMETSAT (Herve Trebossen)
  • Q&A (20’)


Session#1: EUMETSAT data access and training     8 June 2022 - UTC: 09:00 – 14:00


This session will introduce the various systems operated by EUMETSAT to provide access to data and products. The participants will have the opportunity:

  • to be informed and discuss about the various means to access EUMETSAT data,
  • to learn more about EUMETCAST Terrestrial, Africaconnect initiative and cloud computing solution,
  • to be Informed and provide inputs to the Vlab Training Centers activities



09:00 (UTC): Keynote presentations (from 09:00 to 10:00)

  1. EUMETSAT Data access, Erdem Erdi (EUMETSAT)
  2. Africaconnect-3, Youssef Torman (ASREN)

Vlab Training Centres activities for 2022-23 (5' each)

12h00 (UTC): Introduction to the Working Groups

12h10 (UTC): Splinter sessions

13h40 (UTC): Reports of the Working Groups

14h00 (UTC): End of the Session


Session #2: Meteosat Third Generation    9 June - UTC: 08:00 - 10:00


As the successor of the current Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) will provide observation over the entire African continent on a continuous and frequent basis (every 10 minutes) for the next two decades. MTG will also substantially increase the observation spectrum providing 20 times more real- time information on fast developing high-impact weather and ocean and surface parameters such as sea surface temperature, turbidity of coastal waters, wildfires and incoming solar energy.

This interactive session will address the challenges related to the transition to MTG in Africa, collect feedbacks from the audience about priorities in terms of MTG datasets, interact with the participants on the upgrade of PUMA 2015 stations as well as inform and discuss on the characteristics and new capabilities of the main instruments of MTG.


08:00 (UTC): Keynote presentations

  1. MTG for Africa - Katja Hungershoefer (EUMETSAT)
  2. PUMA-202X-MTG station (specifications and deployment in Africa) - AUC

08h30 (UTC): Splinter sessions:

09h40 (UTC): Reports of the Working groups (5 min each)

10h00 (UTC): End of Session


Session #3: Climate monitoring / Climate services         9 June - UTC: 12:00 - 14:00


This session is dedicated to climate services and applications within the African continent to support climate monitoring activities. It will inform and interact with stakeholders on how EUMETSAT satellite data and products could be used into the development of science-based climate services.

The aim of the splinter sessions will be to inform and to discuss with the NMHSs about the regional implementation of the Intra-ACP ClimSA programme and in particular on the deployment of the Climate Stations at regional and national levels and related building capacities activities as well as interests in testing Data Cube for Vegetation and Drought monitoring.


12h00 (UTC): Keynote presentations (15 min each):

  1. Climate Station - Christophe Lavaysse (JRC)
  2. Datacube for Drought and Vegetation monitoring - Christine Traeger Chatterjee (EUMETSAT)

12h40 (UTC): Splinter sessions:  per region.

13h40 (UTC): Report of the Working Group #1 to #6

14h00 (UTC): End of Session