13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa

September 2018 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Call for Papers

Participants to the 12th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa are invited to contribute to the Forum by sharing their experience, success stories and research results. Three specific sessions are particularly open for contributions:

  • Session 4: Green growth, Climate Resilience and Climate Services
  • Session 5: Marine and Great Lakes forecasting
  • Session 8: PUMA based and EO applications for Africa

Participants are invited to submit an abstract of their proposed contributions to the Organising Committee (ufa@eumetsat.int, subject “contribution”). Best proposed contributions will be selected for a plenary presentation (slides) or for a poster exhibition. Sponsorship to support participation of authors from Africa can be also offered.

Session 4: Green growth, Climate Resilience and Climate Services

Building on COP21, the need for a worldwide monitoring of climate change has been reaffirmed. Many regions in the world still need important capacities in this area, in particular in Africa. EUMETSAT satellites and other earth observation satellites contribute significantly to the monitoring of the climate and the environment, with continuous and sustained observations, providing key information to feed this need. The 12th Forum focuses on Earth Observation research and operational applications that contribute to climate monitoring, which is a pillar for developing Climate Services directed to various socio-economic sector: Food Security, preservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Improved Health and Disaster Risk Reduction, achieving Energy Security and a Low Carbon Energy Supply.

Papers for this session shall be aimed at sharing work on the extraction from Earth Observation data of key information to support the development of a green society adapting to climate change. Speakers are encourage to present here the state-of-the-art development as well as success stories of concrete operational applications making a difference in the every day work of decision and policy makers, connected to any fields mentioned above, including but not limited to, climate services, food security, disaster monitoring and reduction, renewable energy, climate adaptability, health planning, natural resources management and environment monitoring.

Two other sessions are open for your contributions:

Session 5: Marine and Great Lakes forecasting

Oceans, seas and great lakes are vital societal elements for the life of many people, particularly in Africa, whether for transport or fisheries. They can also be key indicators of the state of the climate. Papers in this session should focus on activities related to Earth Observation contribution to forecasting the state of coastal seas and great lakes, including information on water level, waves, currents, as well as fish nutrients availability. Speakers are particulary encourage to present activities showing how operational use of Earth Observation key information in this area results in important impact for people in the field.

Session 8: PUMA based and EO applications for Africa

An impressive amount of that has been received through PUMA stations over the last 10 years, feeding Met Services with key information for weather prediction. This session focuses on sharing how this information has made a difference in the everyday life of Met Services. Papers shall present success stories and/or lesson to be learned in doing so. Speakers are also encourage to share novel and maybe unusual and unique way of using the PUMA information, maybe beyond weather forecasting and even beyond Met Services.

The Poster Exhibition

Posters are invited to present how EUMETSAT’s or other satellite‐data are used in Africa, more specifically (but not exclusively) in the themes of the three sessions highlighted above. The poster presentations will take place throughout the week of the 12th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa. The various coffee breaks and lunches will allow the attendees to visit the poster exhibition and give the authors the opportunity to explain their contribution.

Selection procedure and Calendar

The selection committee will analyse the received abstracts for posters and presentations at the specific sessions. The criteria that will be used are: the scientific relevance, the pertinence with respect to the theme, and the geographical distribution of the contributions. The duration of the specific sessions being limited, only a restricted number of presentations will be accepted. The possibility of participating in the poster exhibition will be offered to those whose proposal for presentation at the specific session was not selected.

By mid-June 2016 all authors will be informed on the outcome of the selection procedure. Selected authors will receive further information for the preparation of their poster or presentation in the specific session.

How to Submit a Presentation or Poster

In order to submit a proposal for a presentation or for a poster, you are invited to fill in the dedicated Submission Form, attached (found on the following page of this information pack).  You can download the Submission Form here

The Submission Form shall be returned to the Forum Secretariat before Friday 20 May 2016, either by Fax: +49-6151-807-615  or by email at ufa@eumetsat.int.
An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you by the Secretariat.