14th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
14-16 September 2021
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


In order to facilitate the widest possible attendance, EUMETSAT is prepared to financially support the participation of one participant per country in RA-I, to be nominated by the permanent representative with WMO.

To apply for this funding, the Permanent Representatives with WMO are invited to provide their written request and/or nomination by fax or email, addressed to:

The organising committee of the 13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa:

Eumetsat Allee 1
64295 Darmstadt
Email: ufa@eumetsat.int 
Fax: +49-6151-8076150
Tel: +49-6151-8076740 

It is also possible to scan, and upload the written request in the registration from.

The request shall indicate name, function, and full contact details of the nominated person, and be signed by the Permanent Representative of the country with WMO, and stamped with the official stamp.

The nominated person should be an officer of the National Meteorological Service or of another national institution cooperating with it, provided that he/she has the appropriate background to contribute to the discussions of the Forum and to benefit from his/her participation therein.

Financial support is also planned for persons whose contribution to specific sessions is selected for presentation.

For the participants whom EUMETSAT agrees to support financially, and within the limit of available budget, EUMETSAT will directly fund travel costs (economy class), hotel accommodation, one meal per day as well as a symbolic daily subsistence allowance per day spent in Abidjan during the five days of the Forum.

Requests for financial support should be submitted no later than 20 May 2018.