13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa

September 2018 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast

How to Register

Registration process

Please complete the registration form in full. At this stage, you can already choose a username and password. Please indicate if you (or your institution) have received a letter of invitation and if you would like to be sponsored or not (see specific information page on sponsorship). 

Below are step by step instructions for the registration process:


Select the appropriate box to indicate whether 
a) you will participate, 
b) you are unable to participate, or 
c) somebody else will represent you at the Forum.

Contact details 

Please fill in the registration form as completely as possible (not only the compulsory fields). If you are the nominated Permanent Representative with WMO, please tick this box, if not leave it blank. The default preferred language is set to English, be sure to select French if that is your preferred choice. Continue by clicking on "next step" at the bottom of the page.


In order to facilitate the widest possible attendance of our African users, EUMETSAT is ready to financially support one attendee per African country (WMO's RA-1) to be designated by the country's WMO Permanent Representative. Further details on sponsorship are provided under the Sponsorship menu.

Please provide such nomination/approval (signed and stamped by the WMO Permanent Representative), scan and upload it (pdf format) to your registration form. (Should this not be possible, please contact the organising committee).


The visa box should only be ticked if you require support to acquire a transit visa (visa to another country because of your flight itinerary).

EUMETSAT will provide all registered sponsored participants with a personalised letter of invitation from our host to ensure that you will be allowed to enter South Africa.

The costs for visa will have to be borne personally by each participant.

Please fill in the various passport details, scan your passport and upload a pdf copy to your registration form. (Should this not be possible, please contact the organising committee).


The data input in the travel form will be the baseline for ensuring that you will be picked up at the airport upon arrival, transferred to the hotel, and to get a corresponding hotel reservation.
Sponsored participants: Please do not enter any flight details/data in this form. EUMETSAT will provide you with an itinerary and will add the related flight details to the web registration tool for you to confirm.
Non-sponsored participants: Please fill in the flight details according to the example provided. You may register without filling in the travel details initially, however, please add these as soon as you have received the password.

Completed forms - submit registration 

Confirm your registration by clicking on "submit registration data". You will shortly thereafter receive an e-mail confirmation from EUMETSAT that you have been successfully registered. In addition you will receive your login information. 


You will be able to log-in at any time either to access your registration and make any necessary amendments such as uploading any relevant missing files (e.g. approval by WMO PR, passport copy etc), changing your travel itinerary (non-sponsored participants) etc.

Whenever a change has been made to the registration form, EUMETSAT is informed automatically by e-mail. 

Please do not try to login prior to receiving EUMETSAT’s confirmation of acceptance of your registration.