13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa

September 2018 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Monday 12 September 2016
08:00 Chairpersons and rapporteurs briefing meeting
08:30 Registration
09:00 Introductory words, presentation of Working Groups and Technical Visit
Working Groups
 Detailed Agenda
09:30-12:00 WG#1 - Regional data and training needs WG#2 - EO policies in Africa and the GMES&Africa initiative
Chairperson: L. A. Simpson, SAWS and M. Diop Kané, RAIDEG H. Masheleni, AUC
Rapporteur: M. Higgins and S. Wannop, EUMETSAT E. Barisano, EUMETSAT
Coffee break (20 minutes) as per Working Group separate agendas
Lunch break
Technical visit
13:00 Departure for the Technical Visit (from Lemigo Hotel)
Group I: Visit of Radar Site, then Memorial 

Group II: Visit Memorial, then Radar Site
Back to Lemigo Hotel - End of Day 1
19:30 Cocktail dinner, hosted by EUMETSAT - Lemigo Hotel

Tuesday 13 September 2016
Opening of the Forum
09:00 Opening ceremony
  Statement by Alain RATIER, Director-General, EUMETSAT
  Statement by Mr Wenjian ZHANG, Assistant Secretary-General, World Meteorological Organisation
  Statement by H.E. Marie Thérèse Chantal MFOULA, Assistant Secretary General, ECCAS
  Statement by Ondrej SIMEK on behalf of Michael RYAN, Head of the European Union Delegation to Rwanda
  Statement by Dr. Josue DIONE on behave of H.E. Rhoda Peace TUMUSIIME, Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission
  Opening statement by Fatina MUKARUBIBI, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources
10:30 - 11:00 Group Photo and coffee break
10:40 Media interviews (upon invitation)
 Introduction to the 12th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
11:00 Introductory remarks - J. Ntaganda, Director General Meteo Rwanda and Permanent Representative of Rwanda with WMO
11:15 WMO RA-I & AMCOMET - Status and way forward - J. Mukabana, WMO
11:35 African Union Space Policy and Strategy - H. Masheleni, AUC
11:55 Objectives and programme of the 12th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa - P. Counet and V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT
Review of Recommendations from the 11th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa - V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT
12:30 - 14:00
Lunch break


 Session 1 - Overview of EUMETSAT Programmes
Chairperson:  J. Ntaganda, Meteo Rwanda
Rapporteurs:  V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT + A. Twahirwa, Meteo Rwanda
14:00 Status of EUMETSAT programmes MSG, MTG, EPS, Jason and future programmes - A. Ratier, EUMETSAT
14:45 EUMETSAT User and Climate services - J. Saalmueller, EUMETSAT
15:00 Training activities - M. Higgins, EUMETSAT
15:15 EUMETCast Africa and its future evolution - S. Wannop, EUMETSAT
15:30 Report of RAIDEG activities - M. Diop Kané, RAIDEG Chairperson
15:45 Q&A, discussion
16:00 - 16:30
End of Session 1 & Coffee break


 Session 2 - PUMA 2015
Chairperson:  A. Kanga, Congo
Rapporteurs:  M. Higgins, EUMETSAT + M. Diop Kané, Senegal
16:30 MESA: Access to Earth Observation Data - J. Wasambo, AUC and R. Brown, MESA TAT
16:40 Presentation of PUMA 2015 station - P. Riera, TPZ and MFI 
17:00 MESA Training related to PUMA 2015 - B. Maathuis, ITC-Particip
17:20 Initial User Feedback - L. G. Razafindrakoto, ACMAD 
17:30 Initial User Feedback - S. Muiruri, Kenya Meteorological Service 
17:40 Status of deployment, User support and warranty - P. Riera, TPZ 
18:00 Q&A, discussion 
End of Session 2 - End of Day 2
18:30 Gala dinner, hosted by Meteo Rwanda


Wednesday 14 September 2016
Session 3 - Meteosat Third Generation
Chairperson: J. Mukabana, WMO
Rapporteurs:  P. Counet, EUMETSAT + D. Kone, EAMAC
09:00 Introductory remarks - A. Ratier, EUMETSAT
09:10 RAIDEG contribution to MTG Africa - M. Diop Kané, Chair of RAIDEG
09:25 MTG for Africa Concept - D. Fayard, V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT
10:10 MTG added value (FCI and Lightening Imager) - V. Nietosvaara, EUMETSAT
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 Group discussions
  North Africa - Facilitators: V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT + T. Saouri, Maroc
  Lightening Imager - Facilitators: V. Nietosvaara, EUMETSAT + D. Kone, EAMAC
- FCI and Level 2 products - Facilitators: M. Higgins, EUMETSAT + J. Kageny, IMTR
12:30 - 14:00
Lunch break
14:00 Report from group discussions
14:30 Discussion on Transition programme for Africa
 15:00  End of session 3

 Session 4 - Satellite and weather infomation for Disaster Resilience
Chairperson: O. Olayide, AUC
Rapporteurs:  E. Barisano, EUMETSAT + L. Razafindrakoto, ACMAD
15:00 Disaster resilience in Africa - L. Naess Wanambwa, AUC
15:10 Overview of RARS/DRR project - J. Kabyemera, AfDB
15:20 SAWIDRA–RARS Africa - B. Lamptey, ACMAD
15:45 - 16:15
Coffee break
16:15 (CANCELLED) SAWIDRA Western Africa - I. Alfari, AGRHYMET
16:30 SAWIDRA Eastern Africa - Z. Atheru, ICPAC
16:45 SAWIDRA Southern Africa - F. Nsadisa, SADC-CSC
17:00 SAWIDRA Central Africa - D. Kuitsouc, ECCAS
17:15 Use of NWP and Satellite for Disaster Resilience - M. Diop Kané, Sénégal
17:25 Use of NWP and Satellite for Disaster Resilience - L.A. Simpson, South Africa
17:35 Q&A, discussion
End of session 4 & End of day 3

Thursday 15 September 2016
 Session 5 - MESA
Chairperson: E. Jackson, ACP Secretariat
Rapporteurs: S. Flasse, EUMETSAT + R. Brown, MESA
09:00 MESA status of implementation - J. Wasambo, AUC
09:20 (CANCELLED) MESA main successes within ECOWAS - I. Alfari, AGRHYMET
09:40 MESA main successes within CEMAC - G. Gulemvuga, CICOS
10:00 MESA main successes within SADC - I. Kusane, SADC-CSC
10:20 MESA main successes within IGAD - Z. Atheru, ICPAC
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break
11:10 MESA training programme - T. Kormé, Particip
11:30 JRC MESA e-station - M. Clerici, JRC
11:50 GMES&Africa initiative: status of next steps - M. Kinyua Ndiritu, AUC
12:10 Q&A, discussion
12:30 - 14:00 End of Session 5 & Lunch break
 Session 6 - Copernicus
Chairperson: H. Masheleni, AUC
Rapporteurs: S. Wannop, EUMETSAT + K.A. Agyekum, UoG
14:00 Presentation of the Copernicus Programme - M. Massart, EC
 Session 6A - Copernicus data and Marine applications
14:20 Sentinel-3 Marine products - M. Higgins, EUMETSAT
14:40 MESA - ECOWAS Marine Thema - K.A. Agyekum, G. Wiafe, University of Ghana
15:00 MESA - Indian Ocean Marine Thema - J. Mosaheb, MOI
15:20 Lake forecasting - K. Muwembe, Uganda NMHS
15:40 Q&A, discussion
16:00 -16:30
End of Session 6A - Coffee break
 Session 6B - Copernicus data and Land applications
Chairperson: A. Nmiri, Tunisia
Rapporteurs: M. Higgins, EUMETSAT+ I. Kusane SADC-CSC
16:30 Copernicus Global Land data & products - T. Jacobs, VITO
16:50 Sentinel-2 applications in Africa, a cooperative approach - M. Leroy, CNES
17:10  EUMETSAT Land Surface Analysis SAF, J-L Roujean, Meteo France
17:30 SIGMA, a contribution to the Global Agricultural Geo-Monitoring (GEOGLAM) - S. Gilliams, VITO
17:50 Q&A, discussion
End of session 6B & End of day 4
Dinner, hosted by EUMETSAT
Bus departure from Lemigo Hotel
Bus departure from restaurant. Arrival at Lemigo Hotel 21:45.           

Friday 16 September 2016
 Session 7 - Climate services
Chairperson:   J. Ntanganda, Meteo Rwanda
Rapporteurs:  V. Nietosvaara, EUMETSAT + J. Wasambo, AUC
09:00 Rwanda Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy - D. Rugege, MINIRENA
09:15 GFCS status - J. Mukabana, WMO
09:30 Satellite-based climate data records and their applications in Africa - S. Kothe, Climate Monitoring SAF, DWD
10:00 MESA Climate Services - B. Lamptey, ACMAD
10:20 ENACTS / Rwanda Climate Services for Agriculture - D. Kagabo, Meteo Rwanda
10:40 TAMSAT Long term rain monitoring across africa - R. Maidment, Uni. of Reading
11:00 - 11:30
End of Session 7 & Coffee break
 Session 8 - Review of the main recommendations
Chairperson:   V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT
Rapporteurs: S. Flasse, EUMETSAT + A. Twahirwa, Meteo Rwanda
11:30 Review of the recommendations of 12th EUMETSAT User Forum
12:30 - 14:00
Lunch break
14:00 Review of the recommendations of 12th EUMETSAT User Forum (cont')
14:30 Feedback form - 12th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
14:45 Adoption of the 12th EUMETSAT User Forum recommendations - English and French
End of Session 8
15:00 Closing remarks
End of Forum
Departure of participants