13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
24-28 September 2018
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire



Monday 24 September 2018 (am)

Opening of the Forum 

10:00  Opening Ceremony (separate agenda) 
11:00  Group Photo and coffee break 
11:00  Media interviews (upon invitation) 

Introduction to the 13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa 
11:30  Introductory remarks  D. Konaté  President WMO RA-I and PR of Côte d'Ivoire with WMO 
11:40  Objectives and programme of the Forum (& review of 12UFA recommendations)  P. Counet, V. Gabaglio  EUMETSAT 
11:55 Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology - Status and way forward J. Mukabana
12:15 African Union Space Policy and Strategy (inc. GMES&Africa programme)  M. Ouedraogo  African Union Commission 
12:35 Questions and answers
12:45 Lunch break
Monday 24 September 2018 (pm)

14:00  Introduction of the participants 

Session 1 - Overview of EUMETSAT Programmes
Chairperson:  D. Konaté, SODEXAM
Rapporteurs:  E. Barisano, EUMETSAT + F. Eklou SODEXAM

14:30  Status of EUMETSAT programmes MSG, MTG, EPS, Jason and future programmes  A. Ratier  EUMETSAT 
15:10  EUMETSAT Data access and User services  S. Wannop  EUMETSAT 
15:40 EUMETSAT SAF activities C. Traeger  EUMETSAT 
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 EUMETSAT Training activities  M. Higgins EUMETSAT 
16:30 Report of RAIDEG activities  M. Diop Kané RAIDEG Chair
16:45 Copernicus and EUMETSAT contribution hereto  P. Counet EUMETSAT 
17:00 Q&A, discussion
17:30 End of Session 1

18:00 Cocktail dinner - Hotel Azalai

Tuesday 25 September 2018 (am)

Session 2 - Meteosat Third Generation and Africa
Chairperson: J. Mukabana, WMO
Rapporteurs:  P. Counet, EUMETSAT + J. Kagenyi, IMTR

09:00 Introductory remarks A. Ratier EUMETSAT
09:10 MTG programme D. Fayard EUMETSAT
09:30 Roadmap for transition to MTG in Africa V. Gabaglio
D. Fayard Fayard
09:45 Outcome of RAIDEG discussion on MTG M. Diop Kané RAIDEG Chair
10:00 Discussion
10:20 Coffee break

Session 3 - Climate Monitoring and Services
Chairperson: B. K. Djeri- Alassani, ECOWAS
Rapporteurs: H. Trebossen, EUMETSAT + L. Razafindrakoto, ACMAD
10:35 African Climate Change policy and
intra-ACP Programme on Climate Service and related applications
H. Nyambe AUC
10:50 GFCS status and WMO contribution to intra-ACP CS programme F. Lucio
11:10 Architecture for space-based climate observation P. Counet EUMETSAT
11:30 Copernicus Climate Change Service J.-N. Thépaut
11:50 Satellite data in support to Climate Service (Climate SAF ) S. Kothe CM-SAF
Enhancing National Climate Services initiative, or ENACTS T. Dinku IRI
12:20 Question and answer
12:30 Lunch break
Tuesday 25 September 2018 (pm)

Session 3 - Climate Monitoring and Services Cont'...
Chairperson: B. K. Djeri- Alassani, ECOWAS
Rapporteurs: V. Nietosvaara, EUMETSAT + L. Razafindrakoto, ACMAD
14:00 Long-term rainfall monitoring and agricultural early warning across Africa R. Maidment Uni Reading
14:20 ESA EO4SD Climate Cluster - Earth Observation in support of Climate Resilience C. Domenech GMV
14:40 WASCAL activities based on Earth observation G. Forkuor WASCAL
15:00 Use of CM SAF data, example in Cote d'Ivoire D. Konate SODEXAM/MIRAH/
15:20 Role of ACMAD in the implementation of Climate Service in Africa B. Lamptey ACMAD
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Group discussion - Implementation of the intra-ACP Climate service    
16:30 Group #1 - Central Africa ECCAS/CEMAC  
Group #2 - Western Africa AGRHYMET / ECOWAS  
Group #3 - Southern Africa SADC-CSC  
Group #4 - Eastern Africa IGAD/ICPAC  
Group #5 - Indian Ocean IOC  
Group #6 - North Africa (MTG North Africa)
18:00 End of Session #3 - End of Day #2

18:30 EUMETSAT Dinner - Le Wafou

Wednesday 26 September 2018 (am)

08:30 Outcome of group discussion from Session #3 (intra-ACP Clmate services)

Session 4 - Training, stations and Data access
Chairperson: M. Diop Kané, RAIDEG Chairperson
Rapporteurs: C. Traeger, EUMETSAT + W. Balogh (WMO)
09:00 Use of EUMETCast station for agro-meteorological applications S. Traoré AGRHYMET
09:15 Use of PUMA station for nowcasting applications J. Kagenyi IMTR
09:30  Presentation of CIGN activities C. N'Doume CIGN/BNEDT/
 Coffee break
10:00 Group discussion on data acess (station) and training    
Group #1 - French speaking NMHS RAIDEG member
Group #2 - English speaking NMHS RAIDEG member
Group #3 - tbd    
12:00 End of session #4, Lunch break
Wednesday 26 September 2018 (pm)

Technical visit
13:00 Departure for the Technical Visit
13:30 Visit CIGN/BNETD
15:00 Departure from CIGN/BNETD
15h15 Visit Lagoon Ebrié  
17h30 End of Lagoon visit
18:00 Back to Azalaï Hotel - End of Day #3

Thursday 27 September 2018 (am)

Session 5 - Marine Applications
Chairperson: T. Ouattara, AUC
Rapporteurs: S. Wannop, EUMETSAT + D. Kirugara, GMES&Africa
09:00 Sentinel-3 Marine products M. Higgins EUMETSAT
09:20 EUMETSAT training on Marine applications C. Traegeree EUMETSAT
09:40 G&A implementation in Western Africa D. Azumah Uni Ghana
10:00 G&A implementation in Southern Africa G. McFerren CSIR
10:20 G&A implementation in Northern Africa I. Abou El-Magd NARSS
10:40 G&A Implementation in Indian Ocean and Eastern Africa O. Gooroochurn MOI
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Visualisation of S3 product on the e-station A. Royer JRC
11:40 Use of satellite data for marine meteorology L-A. Simpson SAWS
12:00 Open discussion on Marine application and related training    
12:45 Lunch
Thursday 27 September 2018 (pm)

Session 6 - Disaster Risk Reduction
Chairperson:  A. Diane, AUC
Rapporteurs: H. Trebossen, EUMETSAT + D. Goudou, AfDB
14:00 International Charter: Space and Major Disaster S. Wannop EUMETSAT
14:10 Overview of SAWIDRA projects J. Kabyemera AfDB
14:25 SAWIDRA Continental (RARS Africa and NWP)
B. Lamptey ACMAD
14:45 SAWIDRA Western Africa S. Traoré AGRHYMET
15:05 SAWIDRA Eastern Africa A. Salih Babiker ICPAC
15:25 SAWIDRA Southern AFrica T. Moitlhobogi SADC-CSC
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 SAWIDRA Central Africa E. Mbaitoubam CAPC-AC
16:20 Q&A on SAWIDRA    
16:40 Assessing NWP outputs with Satellite imagery in Daily Operational Forecast D. Kone EAMAC
17:00 New approaches for monitoring agricultural risk in developing countries M. Young Uni Reading
17:20 DRR at national level, example of Côte d'Ivoire
D. Konate /
B. Mobiobio
17:40 End of Session 5 & Lunch break
Dinner hosted by SODEXAM
18:30 Bus departure

19:00 Dinner

21:30 Return to Azalaï Hotel

Friday 28 September 2018 (am)

Session 7 - EO projects and initiatives (land)
Chairperson: J. Wasambo, AUC
Rapporteurs:  V. Nietosvaara, EUMETSAT + M. B. Saley, GMES&Africa
09:00 AfriCultuReS - Enhancing Food Security in African Agricultural Systems J. Suarez GMV
09:20 Use of MESA station for ICPAC G&A project E. Kayijamahe
09:40 Water and Natural resources management in Central Afirca D. Kengni Kuitcha CICOS
10:00 Natural resources management in Western Africa T. Ba CSE
10:20 GMES&Africa in Northern Africa F. Mar OSS
10:40 End of Session 7 & Coffee break

Session 8 - Review of the main recommendations
Chairperson: D. Konate, SODEXAM
Rapporteurs: H. Trebossen, EUMETSAT + V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT
11:00 Feedback form - 13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa    
11:30 Review of the recommendations of 13th EUMETSAT User Forum    
12:30 Lunch break

Friday 28 September 2018 (pm)

Session 8 - Review of the main recommendations cont'
Chairperson: D. Konate, SODEXAM
Rapporteurs: H. Trebossen, EUMETSAT + V. Gabaglio, EUMETSAT
14:00 Review of the recommendations of 13th EUMETSAT User Forum (cont')    
14:45 Adoption of the recommendations from thw 13th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa
15:00 End of Session 8

15:00 Closing remarks
15:30 End of Forum and departure of the participants